You Have the Right to Remain Silent

The highways empty tonight as you’re speeding home from work. Your hubby sent you pictures of himself ready and waiting for you on the bed, a bottle of wine in an ice bucket on the bedside table. You slip your hand under your skirt to feel wetness growing in anticipation of tonight. You haven’t been wearing any panties since 2pm today when he told you to take them off at work.

“This is to help you get through the rest of your afternoon. ” read the text he sent you with a nice picture of his bare chest and a coy smile on his face.

Before you notice anything blue and red lights flash behind you.

“Well that’s great.”

You pull over on the side of the road at the first place you can stop. You undo a few buttons on your work shirt and ruffle up your skirt a little. You check to see that your cleavage is showing. Maybe I can talk my way out of a speeding ticket.

Minutes pass as you’re sitting there on a dark spot of the highway between two lamp posts. A bright light shines in your driver side mirror. You fumble around with your phone before shooting your husband a text to let him know why you might be a little late.

She taps on the window with her flash light. You roll down the window.

“Hello officer. I trust you’re having a good night tonight. ” you say as you try to fix your skirt. Your face feels flush with embarrassment.

“Yes ma’am. License and registration please.” She says coldly.

“I just need to reach into my glove box and get it. Is that okay?”

“Yes. Go right ahead. ”

You lean across the arm rest and reach to open up the glove box. You slip a little and plant your face on the other arm rest. You feel the cold air lightly touch your expose cheeks. Shit. You forgot you weren’t wearing any panties. Your cheeks go red as a wave of humiliation rolls over your face.

“Ma’am, I’m going to need you to step out of the car.” she says again coldly.

You come back down to your seat and turn your body to face hers. She steps back from the car door with her hand in her holster and flashlight still trained on you. You undo the car door and step out.

“Come around to the front of the car.”

This women is a machine.

You walk over to the hood of your car.

“Place your hands behind your back. ”

She grabs your left elbow as you place it back and slides her cold hand down to your wrist. She holds it tightly as she reaches to her hip. You hear the cuffs jingle a little before they snap down hard on your wrist. She grabs your right hand as it comes back and slaps on the other cuff.

She presses you down roughly against the hood of the car. Your nipples hurt, pressed up. against the hood. There’s nothing between them and the hood except your work shirt and bra.

“Now am I going to find anything sharp or pointy on you?”

“No ma’am.” you say firmly, trying to choke back a whimper. The light is shining on you as another car passes by. It’s clear no one is going to be hear to stop this.

“Good. Now spread your legs.”

Shivering, you slide your legs slowly apart at shoulder length. You can feel the wind harsh against the lips of your exposed vagina.

She presses herself against you firmly before saying in your ear, “Now I could arrest you for public indecency….”

She bends down and slowly works her hands up wraps around your left ankle, up your calf, touching each side of your thigh, and stopping at your inner thigh just before she touches your lips. She comes back down the same way and switches legs repeating the process.

“Or I could let you off with a warning. Which shall it be?”

After coming back down she sliding her hands up the backs on your legs slowly.
“A warning please.” you beg. You know what’s about to happen and it excites you. The looming tension is driving you wild.

Tracing her way slowly up to your butt she slips her hands up between your cheeks and to your lower back before coming around your sides under your skirt. She ruffles it up exposing your bare ass and rubs against your hips with hers. She tugs your work shirt out from inside your waist band before sliding her cold hands up you work shirt. She sliding up and around your naval to the bottoms of each of your breasts. You feel so dirty as she cup each breast in her hands. She slips her hands up underneath your bra and feels your hard nipples with 2 fingers each. It hurts so good because her fingers are caught between them and the hood of the car. She presses her hips harder against your ass. You feel her holster jamming into you firmly and your hands hurt. She’s pressed against them hard. You bite down on your lower lip and try not to scream.

She makes circles around your nipples for what feels like ages before she pinches them lightly. You moan softly and bite your lip. She begins to stroke them lightly before sliding her hands back down your body. She rest her right hand above your skirt softly.

“Now, shall I play with you a little?” still pressed against your hips, hanging over the edge of the hood.

You moan loudly. She slaps you on the left butt cheek hard.


“Yes officer.”

She starts to move down to your vagina slowing as she gets closer. You’re trembling with excitement and soaked.
You can feel your juices running down your left leg. She arrives at your lips and you gasp loudly as she strokes them lightly. She slaps you firmly on your left cheek again.

“I said quiet now. ” she states coldly.

“Yes officer.”

She slips two fingers in and starts stroke up around your pubic bone feeling for that spot as she listens to your heavy breathing.

“mmmhmmmm. Right there.” you moan.

“She stops for a second to spank you very hard on your left cheek again.

“Quiet you whore.”

You bite down hard on your lip before saying, “Yes officer.” You can barely form words any more you’re so turned on. She begins stroking again. This time it’s overwhelming. You can’t fight back moaning. She spanks you hard as your punishment. She fingers you harder as you squirm in your cuffs. You moan louder and she spanks you even harder. Finally she starts pumping her fingers in and out. You scream loudly as you feel your legs tense up. A long shiver runs down you and you feel warm cum run down your legs dripping in the snow.

Your breasts are swollen now against the car. She continues to toy with you lightly as she says, “Shall I take you to your home?”

“Yes. My husband is there waiting for me. Our house is only a few minutes away.”

“Lovely.” she says, as you finally hear some warmth in her voice.

She pulls you up by your wrist and leads you over to her squad car and opens the door.

“Now get in the car you bad girl.” she says. That coldness is back in her voice again.

She firmly grasps a handful of your hair and places you in the squad car. She shuts the door loudly.


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