Fun At Math Class

You turn off the water and slide the curtain to the side. The steam escapes when you slide the curtain aside. You reach for a towel hanging on the door rack. From outside you hear the door open and shut soon after. You slip the towel around your upper body and step out of the shower. You grab a hand cloth and rub it across the steamy mirror, wiping it clean before tending to your hair with your brush. You set your brush down and pull your bangs back to check on your eye brows. Picking up the tweezers, you pluck a few stray eye lashes that have gotten too long. You rub a little moisturizer on your skin and admire your good work in the mirror.

You open up the door and step out into the warm room. Daniel has left some cloths out for you: a sexy red bra, matching panties, a white blouse, light under shirt and a plaid skirt. There’s a new vibrator and a note taped to it.

I want you to wear these today with this couples vibrator inside you while you’re in class today. I’ll see you after I get out of work today. -Daniel

You slip on your red panties and pick up the purple U-shaped vibrator. You slip it down inside your panties. You’re already a little moist from being in the shower so you slip it in without an friction. You slip on the rest of your outfit and grab your messenger bag with your books in it. Looking up at the clock you realize you’re running a little late for your 8am class. I can still make it if I run quick.

10 minutes later and you’re across campus. You run down the hall and push through the door. As you walk across the room to your seat, glancing at your professor, the vibrator springs to life. You bite down on your lip hard and push your legs together. Stunned, in the middle of class, you choke back a moan. The vibrator stops. You rush over to your seat and sit down just before it vibrates again. Your whole body starts to tremble violently as you realize the boy next to you is staring at you.

“Mrs. Ritcha, would you mind stepping forward to the front of the class. I’d like you to solve for X.”

The vibrator stops again. Thank god.

You stand up and step to the front of the class. Mr. Black hands you the chalk and steps away from the board.

“Go on.”

You stand in front of the board looking at the equation.

(X-3)/2 = (y -5)/4

First, you begin writing off lines of the problem.

“First off, I’d multiply both sides by 4, leaving 2(X-3) = y-5. Then I would simply this to 2x-6= y-5 and finally adding 5 to both sides. This would leave 2x-1=y.”

“Good. Now what is the slope of this line?” asks professor Black.

Right as he does the vibrator starts up again. Shit.
Your legs clench up again and you choke back a scream. You bite down hard on your lower lip as cum drips down and soaks your panties through.

“The slope is 2.”

“Good. Now where will the line intersect the X axis?”

“At (.5,0)”

“Good. You can sit down now Mrs. Ritcha.”

Your phone buzzes in your pocket as you’re sitting down. You pull it out and open up the text. It reads “Having fun in class?”

You’re such an ass Daniel.

You text back “Yes.”

It buzzes again. “Good. I’ll see you in the library after class.”

The vibrator springs to life again.


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