The Car Ride Home

I’m driving you back home from the party and I just can’t help but glance at you every chance I get. You’re looking sexy in your little black dress, as usual.

Stuck at another red light and she undoes another button on her blouse and I’m overcome with passion.

I grab hold of you by the hair and pull you in for a long, wet kiss. i begin fondling your left breast while our tongues dance inside your mouth. I slip my left hand down your side and around your back. … making my way down and stopping right below your back.

I pull back and undo my zipper right before I pull your head down on my throbbed cock and jam you down hard… up and down, up and down I work you and feel my head slamming up against the back of your throat. The spit slides down my shaft and I let loose the pre cum in your mouth.

The light turns green and I slam hard on the gas as you begin to work up and down my shaft like the slut you are.

“Oh yeah baby!”

I reach around from behind you, up under your dress, and work my finger into your soaked pussy. I play with you as you trill your throat and turn your head from side to side. i can tell you’re enjoying yourself because your legs are quivering. I remove my hand from inside your dress and push your head down hard, holding you there as you start to gag, slapping my legs begging to be let back up, but I wait just a little longer.

I feel you suck in for air, gasping like this might be your last breath, and I finally let you back up. You choke up a bunch of cum, gasping for air and spit it all over your breasts. you pull down your dress and bra to expose your erect nipples before diving back down on my cock.

I can see the hunger in your eyes.

I grab a hold of a fist full of hair and pushing you back down again. This time I fuck your throat while I hold you hovering over my cock. I can feel your lips wrapped snuggly around my head as I drill away.

I let you back up. Your face is covered in drool, cum and smeared makeup. You come back down and suck on my head as you play with yourself. I can hear you moaning. I slap you firmly on the butt as hard as I can and you come down harder until I can feel your nose touching my hairs. I push down on the back of your head until I can feel you squirming, gagging, spitting up with my cock still deep down your throat. Finally, I can feel a big load coming and I let it shoot to the back of your throat as I release you.

You’re a slobbering mess, covered in tears, sweat, cum and makeup, but I love it. You let my semen drool down from your lips all over your firm breasts and I can’t help myself. I don’t care how messy you are.

We pull up to your apartment and i stop the car so i can lean in and kiss you. I come back to my seat and say with a coy smile,

“We should do this again sometime.”


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