A Day at the Masseuse

“Hello. May I help you?”

“I’m hear for my appointment with James today. ” you say politely.

The woman looks down at her computer and asks, “And who might you be?”

“Jessica, … Jessica Burns.”

“Ahhhh yes. I see you have a regular appointment with him. James isn’t in today, but I have another masseur today who can take you. He’s quite qualified to take care of you. ”

“Okay. Is he in now?”

“Yes, yes. He can take you right now. Just walk down to room 3 down the stairs. Your usual, private room. I’ll let him know you’re expecting him.”

“Thank you. I’ll do that. ”

“You’re welcome. Have a lovely day Miss Burns.”

You make your usual treck down the stairs.

You walk in and shut the door behind you. There’s a water fountain in the corner and some relaxing music playing from a jukebox on the table by the door. There’s also a massage table with a small wooden chest sitting underneath.

You take off your blouse and under shirt, then toss them underneath the massage table.

“I can’t believe I’m wearing my ‘spank me’ undies today.” you think to yourself.

You strip off your yoga pants and slip under the warm blanket. You undo your bra and set it under the table before laying face down in the cradle of the massage table.

After a few minutes you hear a knock

“Come on in.”

He walks in wearing tight fitting pants and dress shirt. He’s holding a wet towel

“Hello. My name is John and I’ll be taking care of you today Mrs. Burns. How are you feeling today?”

“Stressed and sore.”

“We should be able to work that out of you by the end of this session.”

He rolls back the blanket down below your neck and lifts your hair before placeing the hot steaming towel softly just below your ears on your lower neck

gently he starts to knead your upper shoulders

“Where are you sore?”

“My lower back and….”

You contemplate telling him about the marks on your butt from where your master spanked you last night, but think better of it

“Where else?”

“My legs,… above my knees.”

He slides his hands slowly down your back, stopping just above where your hips meet your back.


“Yes… Ooooo right there.”

He slowly continues downward. When he touches the handprint on your butt you gasp. The pain is a little overwealming but it excites you none the less.

“That spot is a little raw I see.”

He slowly continues around your butt. you feel him tracing your panty line

“May I have a look?”

“Why?” You ask fearfully. You’re especially worried he might laugh at your underwear

“I just want to see what causing the tenderness. I can apply some warm, soothing lotion if you like….”

You pause for a moment, wondering if you can handle this right now. He’s quite strong.

“Believe me. I’ve seen everything ma’am.”

“Yes. it’s okay.” you whisper.

He starts to roll back the blanket from your feet upward. Finally your ass is exposed, panties and all.

He reaches down under the table, inside the chest, to fish out some lotion and sets it on the table next to him. He begins to massage you.

First your feet, tracing your ankles. Then he works his way up your calves, up your thighs. He slows as he gets to nearer to your vagina. You can’t help but moan softly and bite your lip.

He slides up your cheeks and comes to rest his fingers above your panties.*

“I’m just going to slips these off and apply some lotion now. Okay?”

“Yes…… okay.”

He slowly rolls back your panties exposing your well marked ass. He slides them slowly down your legs and gently slips them off one foot at a time. He sets them asside and starts to rub his hands together to warm them up. He reaches over to the bottle of lotion and squirts a big glob into his hand.

He rubs his hands together again before working his way up your legs. First your feet, then tracing your ankles. He slows and presses down a little harder on your calves as he works his way up massaging your muscles in circles with his thumbs as he goes.

He slows up as he gets closer to your buttocks. Finally he starts to rub your butt gently, making circles on your cheeks with his finger tips, working in the lotion.

“How does that feel?”

“Lovely, but could you go a little slower?”

“Yes, of course.”

He continues to rub you slower before slides his hands back down, caressing your inner thighs as he moves down. You gasp as he gets closer to your vagina.

He slides back up and gets a little closer this time. You’re tingling with excitement.

You release the breath you didn’t know you were holding in as he goes back to rubbing your buttocks. Finally, he slides back down your legs to your feet, pausing briefly as he passes your inner thighs again. He starts to slide his hands up and down each calf repeatedly

“You’ve got quite the mark on your cheeks. That must be pretty sore.”

“Yes, yes it is.”

Continuing up from your calves he moves up to your thighs. he moves slower as he approaches still, sliding past your vagina and up your booty. You try to quiet yourself as your breath quickens. You bite down on your finger to stop the sensations from the now warming lotion on your inner thighs… or is that you?

He continues working up and down from the top of your thighs to just above your knees. It seems he gets closer to touching the lips of your vagina with each upward stroke. You’re breathing fast and shallow now.

“By the way, Benjamin specifically asked for me today.”

With the next up stroke he sets his left hand on the small of your back and slides the fingers of his right up your legs and stroke up the lips of your vagina and begins massaging your clitoris. You moan deeply as you feel him touch your lips for the first time. You’ve been waiting for him to touch them this whole time.

“He said you could use a little ‘me’ time. Is this enjoyable for you?”

“Mmmhmmm” you try to say before getting cut off by him slipping two fingers from his right hand into your pussy. You moan louder this time.

He reaches down with his left and grabs a rabbit vibrator from the open chest. You hear the sounds of it coming to life, but don’t look up to see it. He takes out his right hand and slips it deep inside and let’s the other head massage your clitoris. He begins to pump it in and out as the heads vibrates away, intermittently touching your clitoris

You feel the first wave of euphoria wash over you as you legs begin to tremble profusely. You scream out in ecstacy as a pool of cum gushes down your leg.

“Okay. I think it’s time we up the ante.”

Resting the vibrator on the table still inside you, he steps back and goes down to the chest. You hear some clinking around underneath the table.

You feel cold leather slip over you feet and past your ankles to your thighs. Hold the vibrator in positon, he lifts you up from underneath your hips into a kneeling position on your knees. You feel cuffs clamp down ankles just above your feet.

Finally he walks around to adjusts the head rest up slight. You notice your right at level with his the seem of pants. He walks back around and spanks you on your bottom lightly. You gasp. He slips off his pants before pulling the vibrator out. He hops up onto the back of the table. You feel him toying with your vagina in between your wide open legs. Helpless to do anything you secuum to all the feelings your experiencing. You continue to pant louder and louder.

Finally, he removes his hands before slipping his cock in.*
You gasp as he enters you fully and start to breath heavier as he pumps away. 3 minutes in you scream out in ecstacy as a second wave of cum gushes out around his cock. He continues to pump wildly.

The door opens and someone walks in. You hear the door close loudly behind them. Your master walks around to the front of your table.

He pushes your head up for you to look at him in the eyes and says, “Have you been having a good time?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then open up wide my baby girl.”

You lips are slightly parted. You’re anticipating what’s about to come next. He grabs you by the hair and begins forcing himself down your throat brutally. You can feel yourself start to spit up saliva as he touches the back of your throat mid thrust. You start to gag. He pushes his cock deep down your throat and hold it in.

Just as you start to choke he pulls himself back and releases your hair. You start to spit up and cough. Just as you finally regain your breath he does it again. This time he stops, holding his penis in longer. He release and you’re coughing loudly before you finally catch your breath.

You feel your third orgasm of the day wash down your legs as your masseuse continues to thrust away.

“Now who is my good, little cum slut?”

Caught up in passion, you look up confused. He slaps you hard across the face.

“Who is my cum slut?”

“I am your cum slut.”

“Good. Now suck that cock.”

You lick up his shaft and dive down deep on his dick, sliding up and down his shaft at a steady pace. He hold onto the sides of your head by your hair as you go.

He grabs on tighter and forcefully fuck your throat. He holds his dick in your throar until you gasp for air. He finally pulls his dick out and releases your hair. You begin to cough up spit and try to catch your breath.

“Go on. Suck it.”

You start up again: In and out deep down your throat. Finally, he looks deep into your eyes and pulls his dick into you deep. You feel dick start to throb right before his cum shoot to back off your throat. It’s a big hot load. You cough and desperately gasp for air as his cum rolls down from your mouth. A minute later your masseuse thrusts deep into your vagina and cums as well.

“Now, let’s get back to your ‘me’ time.”


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