Some Lady Time (Pt. 1)

The door opens and the lights come on. The door slams shut and you hear a latch click from the outside. The following comes into view as you regain focus.

One man has led two men and a woman in. They stand before you tied to each other hand in hand with thick rope. All 3 are naked except the guys have thick black towels over their seemingly large dicks and the woman has duct tape on her erect nipples. She looks especially excited to see you handcuffed with a ball gag in your mouth. She licks her lips and pinches her nipple through the duct tape with her free hand.

The man in charge undoes the knot tying her wrist and spank her lucious booty with an audible twack. She steps forward slowly and gives you a long once over. Finally, she presses her body against yours and leans in close.

She whisper in your ear, “where shall I start first?”

She pulls the ball gag down to hang around your neck and waits patiently.

You lick your lips, thankful for the chance to breathe. It’s clear that the chances for breathing are going to be slim for the remainder of the evening. A grin slides onto your lips and you look at her with a glimmer in your eyes. You growl flatly, hips rolling as you speak, trying to find friction on something to alleviate the burning desire for more.

“I want you to make me cum with your tongue deep inside me.”

“Is that so?” she says.

She looks at the man in charge for instruction, but none is given. She glances over at a cooler sitting next to the door and back at him.

“May I?”

She receives simply a nod. The two boys drag it over, still cuffed, but now noticably aroused. She opens up the box and pulls out two pieces of ice from the cooler and begins to rub them on your nipples and all over your breasts.
She looks deep into your eyes while she does this and moves in closer.

Slowly, your nipples are becoming more erect, and your pussy is starting to get moist.

When she’s getting closer, the urge to kiss her is stronger than ever, and you look for advice, eyes blown wide and a silent plea behind them.

You need this; to touch, to kiss, to control something — before it is taken away.

He says, “Have at it ladies.”

She uncuffs your right hand and says, “Let’s share in the moment.”

She licks her lips softly and moves in closer, waiting, hovering right above your mouth. Hardly patient, you grips at her hair and drags her in firmly so that you can kiss her without thinking, without worry and without fear that anyone will stop you. You try and dictate the pace, however give over control to her, whining and whimpering in her mouth while you drop your hand from her hair and down to her chest, tweaking nipples through their tape playfully. Caught up in the passion she begin to slowly venture further south with the ice. It begins to melts slowly as it works it’s way down your breasts past your naval and melts right before it contacts the lips of your vagina. You hold your breath as it gets closer. The anticipation is driving you nuts. Her hand rests, delicately touching your clit and lips. You start to pant as she hangs over pussy.

Her eyes never leave yours as she continues to kiss you. she stops for a second to tug on your lip with her teeth
she glances down for a second before dropping to her knees,

“May I?”

You take a moment to breathe and catch your breath, panting heavily and grinning down at her. Flushed and breathing erratic, you look to him for consent.

“Sir?” The voice is quiet and innocent as you catch his eye, head cocked to one side in a child-like manner. “Can she?”

With a coy smile on his face he says, “I wouldn’t dream of stopping you here. This is all for you Princess.”

With a hungry look in her eye your new partner stops for a second to kiss you right on your clit before she takes a long lick up your lips. You gasp as she makes contact and your legs tremble. You feel like your legs might give out. She begins slowly, at first, as if she’s savoring every drop. You feel the bridge of her nose rubbing on your public bone and massaging your clit as she begins to move more vigorously.

You let out another moan and bite your lip as she continues her work. You start to massage your breasts, switching from one to the other with your right hand. Finally, you reach down and grab a fist full of her hair. She takes the hint and begins to lick faster, faster, faster.

You can’t contain yourself now. You moan deeply and grip her hair very hard. She starts to pump her tongue in and out and strokes your clit with two fingers.

Your back arches. You moan loudly and your legs clench up as your body begins to shake. You grab her hair so tightly she screams out as a nice pool of cum hits her mouth. She steps back and slips a finger in to grab some more of your cum from your drenched lips.

She slides back up and licks her fingers clean.

“Yummy. Now what shall you have next?”


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