A Night At the Theatre

You walk into the dimly lit theater, down the walkway and back up the stairs. The commercials are running and it seems there’s only a few teenage girls sitting down close to the front. You peer around looking for him, your mystery man.

“Be at the 6 o’clock showing at the West Side mall, theatre 6. Sit in the second row from the back by the aisle. I’ll be wearing a trench coat.” is all he said in his email.
Yeah, well, where the hell are you?

The teenage girls flash you a look, glancing up and down at you in your slinky, red dress. Take a good look ladies. One day, this could be you. You walk up the stairs slowly, as to not trip in your heels, peering around looking for your anonymous hookup.
You sit down in the second seat in from the left on the second row down.

Well I guess at least if he doesn’t show up I have a movie to see.

The previews end, and the movie starts. The lights lower and you’re sitting in darkness. You’ve given up on waiting for your mystery man. Just as the first scene starts a tall, dark figure walks up. It’s him, dressed in his long trench coat, brandishing a black trilby. His head is tilted slightly downward so as to mask his face as he approaches.
With a cold tone you hear, “Keep watching the movie.”

He sits down next to you and begins to slowly feel you up, starting at your fingers . You stare at the screen, both frightened and excited. Slowly he meanders his way up your arm and down your shoulder towards your neck. This is not what you expected at all. His touch is light and he moves so slowly, as if he intends to explore every inch of your body. Slowly, he meanders up your neck and begins massaging softly. His hands are so warm.

Standing up, he grabs your neck, choking you slightly with his right hand as he straddles you, pushing open his trench coat. Suddenly you realize…. he isn’t a he after all. Your eyes widen and you gasp upon noticing her perky breasts underneath the trench coat. She’s completely naked.

She pulls herself in close to you, still choking you, and whispers into your ear, “Does this excite you?”her nails start to dig into your neck. Her touch exhilarates you.
She looks down to see your nipples poking through your dress. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She kisses you softly under the left ear, still choking you with her right hand. Her left hand touches your left shoulder and creeps down your dress to rest firmly on your breast. She begins to grope you firmly as she gets caught up in the passion. She starts to suck and bite on your neck, softly at first, but progressively harder. Her hands move in tune, choking you more and groping harder.

Finally she stops kissing you and reaches into the left pocket of her trench coat. She pulls out what looks to be a long, double ended dildo, but there’s a small box between the two ends with a cord coming out to what looks to be a controller.
“Are you as ready as I am?”

You mumble something incoherent. SHe’s choking you so hard you feel faint.
She lifts her hips up and slides one end in before straddling you again. She grabs onto the other end and slowly inserts it into your vagina. You’re so wet already it slides in quite painlessly. She reaches down on the seat and picks up the remote. She toys with it right in front of you. Your eyes widen when you realize just what it is.

She flips a switch and the toy comes to life. It begins gently vibrating deep inside of you. She starts to rock her hips back and forth, making it slide in and out. She presses down more firmly against your throat as she continues to rock back and forth. Three minutes later and you feel your first rush of cum squirt down your leg. She flips the switch to the next setting and the vibrator really springs to life. Excited she pumps it in and out faster, pressing it deep into her vagina as well. She moans in your ear, trying to stifle herself in the theater.

You catch the girls looking up at you and hope they don’t put two and two together. A rush of cum squirts down onto your dress as she cums, moaning deeper.
She flips the switch again as she pumps away faster. She presses down firmly on your neck. Your head goes fuzzy as she pumps away. A stream of cum is gushing down your leg now. She releases and you feel a wave of ecstasy hit you like a freight train.
You both cum again, screaming out together. The girls definitely notice what you’re up to now. Shit, shit we’re caught.

Your heart is racing. You feel so naughty. She slips off you and steps back. As she stands you notice her shake a little, unsteady on her own legs. She leans in and whispers, “My names Jessica. Maybe we could do this again sometime?” before pulling out the vibrator and switching it off.

“Yes,… yes, I’d like that.” you mumble, barely coherent from the state you’re in. You feel so high up among the clouds.

She picks up your hand and pulls out a pen from the pocket of her trench coat. She scribbles her phone number onto your sweaty hand. Before leaving she leans in and kisses you gently on the neck.

“Lovely dress by the way.”


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