A Day At the Dentist’s Office (horror)

*************************TRIGGER WARNING********************************
Seriously, this is your last warning. Also, this is not BDSM (while it does draw some influences). BDSM requires consent from both parties involved. If that line seems fuzzy to you, I would suggest you find someone to speak with.
*************************TRIGGER WARNING********************************

snap snap

The gas mask slaps firmly over your nose. you feel the rubber bands tight against the back of your neck and metal gripping the inside of your mouth and touching your lips. your mouth is spread open by cold, surgical grade steel.

click, click, click

your mouth is pressed open wider with each click. It’s painful now, just how wide your mouth is being held open.

An older man with long gray curly hair comes into view, looming over you. He slips down the surgical mask over his face and turns to crank up the valve attached to your gas mask.

Coming back to you he asks pleasantly,
“Is that too tight on your lips?”

you nod frantically

He laughs as he cranks your gag open just a little wider. click, click, click

“How is that?”

You choke back a scream as you see a piece of surgical equipment he’s brandishing right in front of your eyes. You struggle with the handcuffs holding you to the reclining leather chair. Tears trickle down your face as you begin to realize just how helpless you are.

He’s holding what looks like pliers in his hand. You can feel them slide into your mouth and clench down on your front tooth. the pressure and anticipation are unbearable.

“Shall I start here?”

You frantically plea for him to stop, but it comes out barely intelligible.

He releases and grabs a hold of your other front tooth.

“or here?”


“It’s for your own good.”

you clench down hard against the gag as he wiggles the tooth around in its socket for a minute or two and finally it comes loose. blood squirts up from the wound as you scream out for help.

“No one will hear you, Jenny. We have this place all to ourselves. Now, why don’t you try and relax a little?”

He drops the tooth in the metal pan and reaches down for the next tooth. He rips your other front tooth out without hesitation and a surge of pain shots up your gums. You’re sobbing uncontrollably now.

He stuffs your sockets with gauze and moves along to your canines, and down the line.

Finally, everything fades in and out right before your eyes shut.

You wake up with a hard slap to the face. you look down at the pan to see a pool of blood and teeth. He sticks a pair of larger pliers up to your nose. you can smell the cold steel in front of you.

“Now this is the hard part.”

He reaches in deep and grabs a hold of your bottom right molar.

“This is going to hurt a lot Jenny.”

You feel the pressure build as he grips your molar tightly.

crack crack

you feel a rush of blood and shooting pain in the back of your mouth as your molar splits cleanly in half. Once again your face is drenched in tears. You fight the urge to scream as the dentist begins to pull the remainder of your teeth out.

He stops for a moment to crank open your mouth just a little wider. click click click

You feel your lips start to rip.

He reaches in and pulls the other pieces out with his large pliers. He sets them on the table beside you. he sticks his finger in your mouth and feels around for where your tooth used to be. Finally, he finds the socket and sticks his finger in deep. You try to bite down but there’s nothing left for you to bite down with.

The old man leans in close and whispers, ” I think you’re ready now. ”

He stands up and you hear him undo his belt and slip off his pants. He lifts one leg over your chest and sits down straddling you. He fluffy up the frills on your dress with his fingers. You feel his huge, wet erection sitting firmly on your stomach.

He reaches over next to the pan where your teeth are and picks out a large metal object wired into the wall. he flicks a button on its side and it starts to vibrate.

He places his finger delicate on your upper lip. shush

“If you don’t stay quiet this won’t be enjoyable for you. I can be quite devilish to bad, little girls.”

your lips begin to quiver and you shake your head violently left to right. your eyes widen as he slips your panties to the side and shove the large metal vibrator deep into your pussy. you gasp as it works it’s way up inside you.

“Now, where were we?”

Looking around for something, he fishes through his pan of tools.

“Ah yes! Here we are.”

He takes out a pair of jumper cables and pulls down your dress to expose your now cold, erect nipples. He clamps them down, first the left and then the right. He flips a switch and you hear a small battery charger power up.

“This is for if you get woozy or pass out. Here, we’ll try out the lowest setting first.”

He flips another switch and you start convulsing violently. There’s a river flowing down your legs when he finally switches off the charger. Your pussy is hot and there’s sweat and drool coming down your face. There’s a faint smell of urine in the air.

“You’ve made quite a mess of yourself now Jenny. No bother.”

He stands up and presses down on a lever to lower your chair. Now, his huge cock is sitting right in front of your face and it’s throbbing and wet with pre-cum.

He grabs firmly a hold of your pigtails and hangs over you as your anticipation builds. Finally, he slams his cock deep into your mouth. You feel the pain in your gums as he slides in and out rhythmical, brutally pounding away at the back of your throat.

You picture him fucking your pussy like this as the vibrator goes wild. The cum pours down your leg as you try to scream.

This only encourages him. He can feel your throat vibrating and he begins to thrust harder.

Finally, he pushes himself in deep. You feel the pressure of his balls pushing up against your chin and his pubic bone covering up your nose. you gasp for air, yet he doesn’t let up. Tears stream down your face and everything starts to fade away into blackness.

You start to convulse as he shocks you awake. The electricity stops and you start sobbing uncontrollably again, covered in a mess of mascara, tears, blood, sweat, and cum.

“Are we having fun yet?”

*************************TRIGGER WARNING********************************
While I maintain that most of the writing on this website is for your enjoyment, this one is not. For those of you who take for granted the toll that that sexual abuse can take on anyone, let this serve as a window into the emotional rollercoaster which can ensue.
*************************TRIGGER WARNING********************************



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