Back From Getting Groceries (horror)

groceryYou walk in and shut the door behind you, still holding the groceries in both hand. You set them down before coming back over to the fridge to make room. Clearing out space, you bring some old eggs over to the trash can. You hear a car pull up and see a red truck outside. You dive behind the counter before he can see you through the window.

The door slams open and hits the wall hard.

“Ohhhhh Jennnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyy!” he called out before slamming the doorway shut, cutting you off from the outside world.

His heavy footsteps audible against the tile floor, he slowly moves closer to where you’re hidden behind the counter. You thought you’d finally lost him when you moved this time, new phone number, new house, new job, new life. thud thud thud thud go his footsteps.
Your heart is racing as you cover your mouth, trying to shut out any breath that might betray you.

“Hiding won’t help you Jenny.” he whispered, just loud enough for you to hear him. thud

His footsteps stop just before he crosses the threshold into the kitchen. You can see he’s brandishing the flogger you always enjoyed so much. Now it maybe the last thing that contacts your flesh. Finally, you lose it. You can’t hide here forever. You make a dash down the hall, towards the back door. He just sits and watches you run.

“Jennnyyyyyy!” You hear his footsteps slamming against the floor as he chases after you. You make it to the living room before he drops you to the ground like a panther after a gazelle. He grabs you by the hair and picks you up, forcing you to your feet. As he walks by the TV he grabs a handful of cords and yanks them clean before wrapping them tightly around your wrists. He throws you harshly to the floor.

You turn over and stand back up on your knees to face him.
“Ji…Jimmm. Please…… Please don’t do this.” you get out before breaking down into tears, begging for his forgiveness.

“Shut up you whore!” he yells out at you, in a primal rage. He smacks you clean across the face with the back of his hand. “You had your chance to fix this.”

You lay on the floor, agonizing in pain, tears streaming down your face again.

“You made a fool of me, Jenny.”

You hear him drops the paddle to the floor and rip the chord out from the floor lamp breaking the connection from the wall and the base. The lamp comes crashing down and shatters all over the floor. You look up, startled. He throws the chord up and over the banister, high up in the vaulted roof and catches both ends before allowing them to hang 4ft up in the air.

He comes back over to grab you harshly by the forearm and yanks you to your feet.

“No. No. No No!”

Silently, he pulls your bound hands up above your head and ties you off tightly with the chord, pulling against them to check to see that they are taut.

“Just like old times. Right babe?” holding your hair in his hands delicately. You see a flash of humanity in his eyes. Your whimpering brings him back to his task at hand.

He walks over, back towards the couch, and kneels down to pick up his paddle. He stands up and saunters back over to you. His posture changes and there’s a look in his eyes; you’ve recognized it before. Chills run down your spine. It’s not Jim anymore.

“Honey, we’re going to have ourselves a good ole time.” he says with a thick southern drawl.grocerygrocerygrocerygrocery


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